April 2017 Islamic Calendar

By | March 21, 2017

The concept of the calendar was created by man.The calendar is the way to prepare and plan for holidays and occasions.With the help of calendar, we can know the dates of festivals, holidays etc. Simply calendar is a system of organizing the days according to our purposes. Islamic calendars are widely used in many of Islamic countries.This calendar depends on the movement of the moon.Every month marked by the observance of the new moon seen in the beginning or for the first time.We have our April 2017 Islamic Calendar using this calendar you can determine the date and days to observe the annual fasting and to attend Hijri and also to celebrate other Islamic holidays and festivals.

April is the fourth month of the year.The word April is derived from the Latin word which means to open as it is the month when the growing of trees starts and flowers begin to open. As it is known for the month of harvesting.This month is named after the goddess Aphrodite or Aprilis.The first day of month April is fools day.The month April has 30 days which is full of powerful and complete and intellectually good.

Here are some of the images of our April 2017 Islamic Calendar for you:

april 2017 calendar with holidays, may 2017 calendar, april 2017 easter, april 2017 holidays,

april 2017 calendar with holidays, april 2017 easter, april 2017 holidays

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