*{PPAP} Pico Taro | Orange Juice

By | January 9, 2017

Hey folks, it’s our responsibility to let you be aware of the latest trending things. As we provide you calendars and templates for free, we are also sharing here the video of Pico  Taro. He is the same guy who had millions of hit on his song Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Song. He has also released his new song named Orange Juice. The video is trending worldwide. Before the orange juice video we want to show you how Pico  Taro performed in Orchestra.

Pico  Taro performing PPAP in Orchestra

This song was so entertaining that it was sung worldwide. We also saw scoofs and trolls on it. We are making you look at the Piko Taro PPAP song he sung in the orchestra. He also included long pen version in it.

Piko Taro Orange Juice song

This song is also entertaining like the previous version. Here Piko Taro says he don’t like any other juice rather than the Orange Juice. I like orange juice is the theme of this song.

We hope you will enjoy listening this song. If you liked it then comment, share to all your friends and make them aware of the latest trending song.

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